8 Images That Prove Pakistan Is More Liberal Than We Think

The following images have been taken by Aaron Huey, a Washington based photographer who, during his visit to Pakistan, captured that underrated side of the country that is not usually presented to the world beyond.

Aaron writes, Pakistan conjures many memories for me. But the reality of Pakistan is far more complex than what most Americans see on the news.

The Pakistan of my memory is filled with beach raves, transvestites, all night dance parties, fashion shows, yacht clubs, and Pakistani MTV.

8 Images That Prove Pakistan Is More Liberal Than We Think.

1. People Do Drink In Pakistan:

Image Source: Aaron Huey
Image Source: Aaron Huey

2. Co Education Is Very Much Common:

Image Source: Aaron Huey

3. People Party Hard Here:

Image Source: Aaron Huey

4. Burqa Is Not The Only DressWomen Wear:

Image Source: Aaron Huey

5. The Modelling Industry Is Striving:

Image Source: Aaron Huey

6. Males Are Also Following Arts Now:

Image Source: Aaron Huey


7. They Say Islam Condemns Music But:

Image Source: Aaron Huey

8. LGBT Is Closer To Home Than We Thought:


Image Source: Aaron Huey

[Source: BuzzFeed]

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