SHOCKING – Actress DIED After Suffering From AIDS

THIS IS SHOCKING – Actress DIED After Suffering From AIDS. This shows how many famous celebrities died after they left the industry and glamours world.

This is the story about famous south Indian actress Nisha Noor. Nisha Noor was a South Indian actress and has done many Tamil and Malayalam films and also romanced superstars Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan, unfortunately met with a tragic death.

Apparently, the actress was forced into prostitution after she left the Tamil film industry. Reportedly, the actress was diagnosed with AIDS and she died in the year 2007 at a local hospital in Tamil Nadu. Her shape and condition was unrecognizable due the disease.

Actress DIED After Suffering From AIDS

She was at last found in appalling condition at the street and the Muslim Munnetta Kazhagam volunteers admitted her to Thambaram hospital. Later her health deteriorated and was struggling with AIDS. She died in 2007 due to AIDS.