Chand Nawab Indus News Karachi Story And Video

Chand Nawab is a Karachi-based reporter working in a private news channel. Once a laughing stock for a funny video of him uploaded on Youtube, Nawab is a star today being interviewed by international media outlets like Hindustan Times and Gulf News.

Some six years back, Chand Nawab had done a reportfor a private news channel from Karachi Railway station. As the passersby repeatedly interfered in his report, he eventually resorted to calling them names after failing to shoo the people from the scene. Doing his best to somehow complete the reportbefore the train leaves, Nawab almost lost his cool as the train started to slowly move on. His colleagues uploaded the video on the Youtube as a prank and it almost immediately got viral.

Six years later, the video is such a big hit that it was even copied by Kabir Khan directorial Bajrangi Bhaijaan in which Nawazuddin Siddiqui has played the role of a Pakistani reported and has done a complete scene inspired by the event.

Chand Nawab Indus News Karachi.