Fairy Meadows Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan




Fairy Meadows is a meadow on the north side of Nanga Parbat( elevation 8,126 metres (26,660 ft) 9th highest in the World and 2nd highest in Pakistan), a few kilometers south of the Karakoram Highway and the Indus River in the Diamer district of Northern Areas, Pakistan. This legendry name Fairy Meadows is everlasting gift of a german tourist Willy Merkl to the local people, local name of Fairy Meadows is Fantori.

Nanga Parbat is a Persian word, which means Naked Mountain, Nanga Parbat is also called the “Killer Mountain” as more then 40 climbers have lost their lives trying to conquer it during expeditions and locals call it Daimoryi, which is the end of Himalaya. Most tourists who come to see Nanga Parbat stay at Fairy Meadows, which is at an elevation of 3,300 m (10,827 ft). On the route to the meadow lie two small villages, Tatu and Fanturi.

Routs To Get There:

From Islamabad PIA operates two flights from Islamabad to Gilgit. Raikot is 75 km from Gilgit & further 50 minutes jeepable journey will take you to Jhel (Tatu) village. Jeeps are available round the clock, carrying 6 passengers on one vehicle. A small cafe in Jhel village offers refreshments & lunch.

There are 3 possible roots to reach at fairy meadows Islamabad/Rawalpindi.

Islamabad -> Gilgit -> Raikot -> Jhel Village -> Fairy Meadows

Islamabad -> Chillas -> Raikot -> Jhel Village -> Fairy Meadows

Rawalpindi -> Kaghan Valley -> Babusar Pass -> Chillas -> Raikot -> Jhel Village -> Fairy Meadows

Accommodation & Food:

There are many hotels and cottages available in Fairy Meadows. Toilets & baths can be reached very comfortably from cabins & tents, hot shower is also available. Fresh Pakistani and European foods are available. Local food can also be prepared in some hotels upon special request.

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