Holi In Pakistan: Hot Girl Holi Pics, Hot Holi Wet Girls Pictures

Holi In Pakistan and Hot Girl Holi Pics, Hot Holi Wet Girls Pictures. Hindus in Pakistan are celebrating Holi in Pakistan, the festival of colors that falls in the lunar month of Phalguna of the Hindu calendar here today.

Holi in Pakistan

Holiis a popular Hindu spring festival of colors which is observed in Pakistan and across other countries at the end of the winter season on the last full moon of the lunar month.

Holi in Pakistan

Top Pakistani political leadership congratulated the community on festival of Holi.

On the festival of Holi the Hindus community meets with friends and plays with the colors, dance and generally have a good time. Hindus usually gather in temples and celebrate the Holi there.

Hot Girl Holi Pics