Imran Khan Third Marriage True Or False

According to The News, Imran Khan has secretly married a woman who had been offering him spiritual guidance for some time. There has been still no word from Khan, who was married twice earlier, on the matter.

The News daily, citing multiple sources, reported that Khan had married the unnamed woman on the night of January 1 at the home of a close confidante of the bride in Sector Y of Defence Housing Authority in Lahore.

According to the news, the woman lives in Gulberg area of Lahore and Khan had been visiting her to seek spiritual guidance after meeting her a couple of years back.

PTI confirms Imran Khan in talks for 3rd marriage with Bushra Maneka.

The nikah or marriage was performed by Mufti Saeed, a member of Tehreek-e-Insafs core committee, The News reported. Saeed had solemnised Khans January 2015 marriage with TV anchor Reham Khan that ended in divorce in 10 months.

Awn Chaudhry, the political secretary to Khan, and Naeem-ul-Haque, a spokesperson for the Tehreek-e-Insaf, both denied the report about Khans marriage.

There were rumors about Imran khan’s marriage in 2016 as well that Imran Khan has married a woman belonging to Maneka family in a simple ceremony few days back in London.

Imran Khan Third Marriage