Indian PM Modi Challenges Pakistan For A New Battle


Indian PM Modi Challenges Pakistanto war against poverty, unemployment and infant mortality.Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi dared Pakistan to eradicate poverty before his country. As there was tension across the both countries after Uri attack, now Modi has scaled down his war rhetoric.


This challenge is not an easy for both countries. However World Bank data shows India will have to do a lot more than Pakistan in order to win the war against poverty. And according to World Bank statistics Pakistan is already winning this war against poverty as compared to India.

According to World Banks $1.90 a day poverty threshold, 8.3% of Pakistans population (14.1 million) lives below this poverty threshold. While in India 21.3% (260 million) peoples are below poverty line. This statisticsshows that Pakistan is performing better than India in this war. This also shows that Modi will have a harder time winning his own challenge.

If we seea stricter $3.10 a day poverty line of World Bank then 58% of Indias population or 708 million Indians live in poverty as compared to 45% of Pakistans population or 76.5 million Pakistanis. According to this poverty line the number of poor Indians according to this level is 3.5times more than Pakistans total population.

Pakistan and India are both low middle income countries according to World Bank statistics. Pakistan is performing good under the govt of PMLN now days and it is expected to perform even better due to CPEC and projects linked to CPEC. Pakistan’s stock market grew 400% in last 5 years as compared to 32% of India.

Here is the video ofIndian PM Modi Challenging Pakistan