Make Money In Pakistan By Reselling The Products Of Daraz


Make Money In Pakistan By Reselling The Products Of Daraz.



Daraz has opened registrations for its sales program named DForce. The program will allow anyone and everyone to partner with Daraz and resell their products to their friends and family. Mainly those who arent online yet or have limited access to internet, and earn a notable commission.

The program is open for all individuals who want to make some extra cash as Daraz is planning to pay them a profit on every sale of a product thats available on Daraz.

Whether its your family, friends, neighbors or customers of your own, DForce will allow you to reap benefits from your sales skills.

All thats needed to get started is your name, email, city and mobile phone number. Once you have registered, a Daraz employee will explain the program in detail and give information regarding payouts and other terms and conditions.

You can register to become a Daraz Business Partner here.