This National Geographic Documentary On CPEC Is A Must Watch

As you already know, The CPEC is under construction and partly completed economic corridor project to facilitate trade along a route that connects Kashgar and Gwadar through construction of network of highways, railways, and pipelines. Here is The National Geographic Documentary On CPEC.

National Geographic has created a documentary to highlight CPEC and several included sub-projects in Pakistan. The documentary looks at these projects from an individuals point of view and how it could help anyone living in the Pakistan and also in this region.

The documentary is not only showing the roads, rail and pipelines but it also shows energy projects and all other projects which are being built under CPEC. It starts with load shedding in Pakistan and then it shows the details about under construction power projects in Pakistan. It covers all under construction projects in Pakistan and then it shows the scope of this mega project to the whole region and specially to Pakistan.

The prices of land and plots are already increased in gwadar due to CPEC as there are many projects which will be completed in Gwadar and this city is the main focus of CPEC. There are estimate of 1.5 million new jobs opening under this project.

Watch National Geographic Documentary On CPEC Below: