Sridevis Death Mystery In Room No 2201 Of Emirates Tower

In the room no. 2201 of Dubais Jummara Emirates Tower, Sridevi checked in on the afternoon of February 24. After this, she remained alone in his room for the next 48 hours. She did not even come out once. If something got out of the room, that was just the news of her death which was too given by a doctor.

After seeing Sridevi in the bathtub in the hotels bathtub, the same doctor first mentioned that she had died. Reasons for Cardiac Arrest but after 48 hours post mortem report revealed the causes death due to death in the bathtub.

Before reaching any conclusion with the so many reasons which led to Sredis death, know two important things. First of all, the Dubai Police has made it clear that the death of Sridevi is an accident, no conspiracy. And secondly that their death will still be examined. There will be inquiries from all of them about this.

From her husband Bonnie Kapoor, the Dubai Police has also questioned Sunday and Monday. Sridevis death has been investigated from Dubai Police to the Dubai Public Prosecution.