Tarkariwali Is The New Internet Sensation After Chaiwala

Tarkariwali Is The New Internet Sensation After Chaiwala. After Chaiwala Arshad Khan, there’s a new online sensation who is making all the headlines now. Her name is Kusum Shrestha and she is famous as Tarkariwali on social media.


Tarkariwali or Sabziwali girl is from Gorkha district in West Nepal, to be specific from Bhumlichok village Devsthan. She is the only child of her parents. Her parents are ordinary people who depend on farming.

Tarkari wali is a management student at 11th standard in nearby school at Chitwan who helps her parents in selling fresh vegetables in local market.


The photos of Tarkari wali are taken by Mr Rupchandra Maharjan which are taking over social media. He never thought those photos would be so popular.