Thousands Of Americans On Streets To Protest Against Trump


Thousands Of Americans On Streets To Protest Against Trump. Thousands of people have came on the streets across the America to protest against Donald Trumps victory over Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election.

Anti Trump Protest
A protester sets off fireworks during a protest against President-elect Donald Trump in Seattles Capitol Hill neighborhood (AP)

Cities like Oregon and Washington witnessed angry demonstrations, with objects being set alight and effigies burned. Up to 1,500 people gathered at the University of California in Los Angeles in the early hours to express their anger and sadness at the upset result.

Videos are uploaded to social media which showed hundreds of people in Los Angeles chanting We will be all right.

At the same time, snger Lady Gaga staged a protest outside Trump Towers in New York by standing on top of a sewage truck and holding a sign reading Love trumps hate.