Top 5 Health Benefits Of Romance




Almost 7, 8% of the population is missing out amazing health benefits. They are not smokers, nor they are drinkers that continue to drink or smoke and refuse to do exercise. These people are also not reaping the mental and physical benefits of coitus because they are asexual. For everyone else that enjoys this special time. I would happily like to inform you that not only it does feel good to you but it is great for your body too.

Top 5 Health Benefits Of Romance.

Stress Reliever:

The main and most important benefit is stress relieving. Having bed time can relieve much stress of yours. The combination of intimacy, increased heart-rate and the release of feel-good hormones all contribute to a happier life. And here’s the caveat, a happier life means a less stressed life. So even when you’re not tinkling your winkles, you will still bask in the after-effects.
Healthy Heart:

Because it moderates testosterone and estrogen levels sex can actually help protect against heart disease. Lower levels of either of those hormones put you at higher risk for heart attack, for both men and women. So have more sex, it’s good for your heart. And you know heart is the most important organ any human have.
You can even use this benefit next time you’re turned down for sex, just say: ‘You do not know the heart benefit of having sex? Do you want me to have a heart attack?’

Look Younger:

You have seen many 50+ aged people looking very young. This is also a reason of looking younger. And this is not just my words this is the research.
This is stuff backed by scientific data and research. Very, very awkward research. A study taking place at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital showed that people that did the deed around four times a week actually looked between 8-12 years younger.
This is because testosterone and estrogen help keep things tight and where they’re supposed to be one your body and they are released during the humpty dumpty. ‘You’re looking a bit tired you want to have some sex to perk you up?’ probably won’t get you looking any younger though.
Boosts Immune System:

Doing the Bed Ballet can keep you out of bed. A study done in Pennsylvania at Wilkes University showed that people that engaged regularly in relations of the sexy type had higher levels of an antibody that protected against common colds.
So to avoid being a sneezy, it is better to become a hot and bothered in bed. Also again avoid using this: ‘Do you want me to get sick?’ because they will probably assume that you already are.
The More You Get, Desire Will Increase:

Yes you read it right. Having more sex will increase your desire. The more you have it, the more you will want it. So when more you will want, you will do more and here more benefits will come. Then this more and more game will continue.