Top Health Foods To Improve Men Power


Top Health Foods To Improve Men Power.This article is about eating food for better sex that will not only improve mens health but these power foods are best for diet and nutrition. Make this food part of your daily diet. You can be eating these for energy and better sex. These sex food for men will help you gain vitality and improves sex.


Here are the Top Health Foods To Improve Men Power.
Food and Nutrition:

Food we eat provides energy to our body and every food has its own mode of nutrition. Like eating dates provide you enough dietary fiber that will reduce LDL cholesterol level. Eating two dates a day may protect you from heart diseases. Dates will provide you antioxidant flavonoids such as beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin and protects you from cancer too.

Foods For The Sex

Two foods have proven results for brain and sex. Dates and Butter. Always use natural butter. Margarine is not better than butter.

Benefits of Dates and Butter:

Dates are good source of vital mineral selenium. Selenium is beneficial for increasing libido, sperm count and vitality.
Butter is good source of Vitamins E and K
Butter has lecithin that is essential for cholesterol metabolism
Omega-3s are also present in butter that may improve nerve, brain, eye, heart and cardiovascular function as well as decreasing inflammation, joint pain, arthritis.
Mens Health Diet: Top Health Foods To Improve Men Power:

1. Raw oysters
The myth about oysters being good for you in bed is actually true. Oysters are high in zinc, which stimulates testosterone, a hormone useful for building and maintaining desire in both men and women. They also deliver amino acids which have been linked to sexual desire and omega-3s which help keep you in the mood. They also have lots of B-12.

2. Watermelon
Watermelon is packed with citrulline, a natural chemical which helps the body increase oxygen flow in the blood. If possible, try to find a way to mix watermelon with garlic and/or ginger, both of which are found to cause blood to flow into the private parts in both women and men.

3. Chocolate
Is there anything chocolate can’t do? In particular, dark chocolate, while already being sexy on its own, helps release chemicals in the brain which lead to euphoria. This can help lead to a prolonged sexual experience. They’re also packed with antioxidants which generally make the body perform better.

4. Grapes
Grapes (and beans, but who wants beans in the bedroom?) are high in boron, a chemical that helps produce both estrogen and testosterone. Both of these hormones have been shown to aid men and women in bedroom performance: estrogen for libido in women and testosterone for physical stamina of any kind in both men and women.