Health Benefits of Chia Seeds Knows As Tukhme Balanga In Urdu

Tukhme Balanga is known as Chia Seeds in English. Health Benefits of Chia Seeds are great. It is a healthful aromatic seed with lots of amazing benefits to human health. Chia seeds are among most popular superfoods in the health community. When they are prepared properly are easy to digest and also are an incredibly versatile health supplement that can be added easily in many recipes. They are in fact filled up with nutrients that pack a punch of energy that improves power.

Tukhm Balanga
Source: KFoods

Tukhm Balanga is used in various kinds of drinks like rooh afza sharbat, falooda, ice cream, jaggery drink and more. Know where and how this miraculous seed is beneficial to our health along with a very delicious recipe of tukhm e balanga sharbat.

Tukhm Balanga is simply a healthy gift from nature. Read Tukhme Balanga benefits in Urdu below.

Tukhme Balanga
Source: KFoods